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Summer Institute for Head Start Management

July 24-28, 2017

at Holiday Inn at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

for information on the Basic Skills Summer Institute click this link

The Summer Institute curriculum is based entirely on the new Parent, Family Community Engagement (PFCE) framework, and on the goals and Relationship Based Competencies (RBCs) listed in the appendix to IM-12-05. We cover the RBCs for Supervisors, presenting the latest in social work theory and practice to help you implement the PFCE framework.

We like the PFCE framework. It is based on the latest in social science theory and research. After a decade of focus on the classroom and cognitive development, the PFCE framework rebalances Head Start by increasing the emphasis on social development and parenting skills. We think the framework is excellent and will be a very useful conceptual framework for years to come.

The challenge is that fully implementing the PFCE is a very long step for most local programs. In my opinion, many programs are struggling. The PFCE focuses heavily on the importance of developing a relationship between the Family Worker and the family. But it is a challenge to develop the desired kind of relationship when the first contacts are about eligibility and enrollment -- with the Family Worker focused on getting the forms filled out. The PFCE does not mention ERSEA, but most Family Workers spend at least a third of their time on ERSEA-related tasks. Many Family Workers have a caseload of anywhere from 75 to 200 families, but the ideal (and possible future standard) is no more than 50. There are some software programs that help you fill out the forms and track progress, but they do not tell you HOW to work with the families. Our social work faculty provide an array of methods to help your Family Workers create the all-important relationship with the parents.

Our faculty includes University of California, San Francisco State, and Cal State University faculty and MSW graduates. You can increase the skills of staff, figure out how to implement the many moving parts of the PFCE, and discuss how to meet the Monitoring Protocol requirements.  

The Summer Institute for Management is specifically tailored to Family and Community Partnership Supervisors (especially new supervisors) and Family Service Workers. This is not a generic curriculum. These workshops are based completely on the PFCE framework and Head Start regulations. Send your in-house PFCE trainers. This is a train-the-trainer event. The schedule is posted below.

Attendees will receive:

  • Four days of intensive training in how to apply social work principles and practices to implement the new Parent, Family, Community Engagement framework. Participants will receive a CD with all the PowerPoints and other handouts from the workshops.
  • New ways to meet the goals and standards created by the RBCs.
  • Network with your peers and learn how they are doing family development.
  • A free guided tour of San Francisco for the first 49 who register, and
  • A get-acquainted reception during the Institute.

The Management Summer Institute will be held in San Francisco, CA on July 24–28, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf.

Hotel. The Hotel cost per night is the Fed rate for San Francisco of $250 single or double, plus tax; and additional $20 per person, per night, for third or fourth person in room. The Institute registration fee of $895 does not include the hotel or meals. The hotel is Holiday Inn Fisherman's Whartf, 1300 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94133, two blocks from Ghirardelli Square. Onsite parking is available at big-city rates ($45/day plus tax). Call Jim Masters at 510-459-7570 to get the hotel discount rate.

The program begins at with an optional event at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, July 24, and ends at noon on Friday, July 28.

Airport Transportation. The hotel is located about a half hour from the San Francisco International Airport and an hour from the Oakland International Airport. Shuttle or taxi service is available to and from both airports. Information about transportation will be mailed with registration confirmation.

Certificate of Completion. If you complete 75% of the classes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from us.

College Credit.
For an additional $178, you can earn two college credits from the California State University East Bay. Management Institute Contract Registration Form for CSUEB

(click this link for more information) Formerly registered with the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences as Continuing Education Provider #1848, on March 9, 2017 we received approval from the California State University for CEUs to be issued for people who attend the Summer Institute for Management. The difference is that we do not issue the CEUs; Cal State University does. Other differences include: For each ten hours of class time, CSU will issue one CEU.  So attendance at the Summer Institute for Management which is 24 hours, will produce two CEUs. Another difference is that people who want CEUs must fill out the CSU application form; we will send you the information upon receipt of your Summer Institute registration.

Registration Fees. The fee for the Summer Institute for Management is $895. You may substitute at any time but it must be by e-mail or mail. Cancel anytime before July 2 for $100. After July 2, the cancellation fee is $250.


* Click Here for ways to put Family Development into your T&TA Plan! *



The PFCE Relationship Based Competencies for Supervisors – applying social work theory and methods
July 25-28, 2017, at the Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf     
*California State University East Bay, Course # EPSY 7374. 
Two college credits or CEUs.  20.25 hours of instruction.
Final schedule as of June 24, with c
lass times.


July 24

Tuesday, July 25

Wednesday, July 26

Thursday, July 27

July 28



Registration open

22.75 hours of classes = 2 hours College Credit from California State University East Bay, at Hayward (CSUEB) or two Continuing Education Units also from CSUEB



Workshop 1. Supervisors:
Goal 3: Family Well-being and Families as Learners
Goal 4.  Parent-Child Relationships and Families as Lifelong Educators
- Jenell Thompson, LCSW

Workshop 4 Supervisors:
Goal 1: Positive Goal Oriented Relationships
- Cathy Ralph, MSW

Workshop 6 Supervisors:
Goal 2: Self-Aware and Culturally Responsive Relationships
- Kilolo Brodie, MSW, Ph.D

Workshop 7 Supervisors
Goal 6: Family Access to Community Resources
- Christine Slaymaker, Sonoma County Head Start




Workshop 8 (10:15-12p)
Goal 7: Coordinated, Integrated and Comprehensive Services





Lunch on your own

Lunch on your own

Lunch on your own

Noon Adjourn



Institute registration, upstairs foyer

Workshop 2
Goal 5. Family Connections to Peers and Community
- Jenell Thompson, LCSW

Workshop 4.
Goal 1 continued

Workshop 6
Goal 2 continued





Workshop 5.
Goal 8.
3:15 – 4:15
Data Driven Services and Systems for Continuous Improvement
- Jim Masters, M.S.

2:00 Free time




Optional Event.

  1. Jim’s History of Head Start
  2. Overview of PFCE
  3. The New EHS Child Care Partnerships (for which Jim is a Fiscal Consultant)

- Jim Masters, MS

Workshop 3
Goal 9.
3:30 to 4:45
Foundations for Professional Growth (+ transitions)
- Jenell Thompson, LCSW


Free Bus Tour of San Francisco
4:30–8:30 p.m.


Reception 5:00

  • 25.75 hours of classes = 2 hours College Credit from California State University East Bay, at Hayward (CSUEB)
  • 2 CEUs for social workers, nurses and other clinicians from California State University.

To get information on next year's Management Institute, fill out and submit the form below.



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