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Allen Stansbury, Consultant in Public Policy Research Analysis (707) 540-5776
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Local Wage and Benefits Comparability Study Services
by the Center for Community Futures

For Head Start Programs and for Community Action Agencies

Part 1. Methodology

Part 2. About Us

Part 3. Samples of our work

Part 4. Project Costs


Part 1. Compensation of Wages and Benefits Methodology

To ascertain current wage and benefit data from similar agencies or programs within your local wage market, we will:

Time Frame


Hold a conference call with you and other key agency staff to discuss the project.

Week 1

Submit to you a contract for Executive Director signature.  
Obtain from you:
  • Signed contract;
  • List of positions to be studied;
  • A copy of the previous wage and benefit compensation report;
  • Identification of similar agencies or programs to survey; and
  • All background materials including organizational charts, divisions by grant funding, program descriptions, job descriptions, current employee wage scales/pay rates, benefit package and any related agency and program information.

Week 1





Review these materials.

Weeks 2-3

Prepare and submit for your review and approval the accompanying letter (for your letterhead) requesting others to participate in the survey

Prepare draft paper survey and submit it to you via e-mail for review and approval. Steps 5 and 6 include:
    • Co-determining survey deadline
    • Decisions about what the Report will include
    • Determining preferred methods of survey distribution
      • Paper survey
      • E-mail survey
      • Online survey tool like SurveyMonkey or Zoho or our website
Prepare online survey form.  (this links is included in the request letter)  
Once approved, prepare and ship surveys with letter.

Week 3

Invite organizations to participate in the online survey via e-mail.  
Allow 4 weeks minimum for mailed survey responses.  Weeks 4-8
Perform follow-up for incomplete or unclear responses (ongoing).
Gather wage data for positions to be studied from:
    • Center for Community Futures’ Salary Survey Report of Local Head Start Programs 2015
    • Center for Community Futures’ Salary Survey Report of Community Action Agencies 2014
    • FedJobs:
    • Head Start PIR
    • U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • State data as available
    • Any other sources you identify
    • Online resources as applicable

Weeks 3-5


Compile data from online resources and surveys into Report.

Weeks 3-6


Consolidate work and submit draft Report to you.

Weeks 8-10


Update Report as you direct.  
Submit final Report to you (and others as requested). Week 12
Maintain excellent communications with you throughout project duration. Ongoing


Part 2: About Us

Lead Consultant: 
                Jim Masters, Consultant
                Center for Community Futures
                P.O. Box 5309
                Berkeley, CA 94705
                Phone: 510-459-7570
                Web site:

Jim Masters has extensive experience with more than 500 Community Action Agencies and Head Start programs since 1966.  Please see his web page at for a list of customers and references.

Project Manager:
                Teresa K. Wickstrom, Head Start Consultant
                Center for Community Futures
                12275 13th Street
                Yucaipa, CA 92399
                Phone: 909-790-0670
                Web page:

Since October 1991, Teresa has worked with Jim Masters on a variety of projects, publications, surveys, and reports.  She is the Project Manager, Surveyor, and Report Writer for national surveys of salaries, fringe benefits, and personnel policies, including 134+ Head Start positions and salaries, conducted every three years since 2000. Similarly, did Community Action Agency Salary Survey 1993, 1996, 1999, 2008, 2011, and 2014. Solicited and verified hundreds of CAA salary surveys from across the nation. Prepared statistical narrative summary, prepared readable charts and graphs, compiled the data and wrote the 1993 and 1996 and 1999 and 2008 and 2011 and 2014 CAA Salary Survey Reports. Also does Individualized Comparisons for CAAs and for Head Start programs (custom reports comparing peer agencies with the national totals).

Project Consultant:
                Allen Stansbury, Consultant in Public Policy Research Analysis
                Center for Community Futures
                P.O. Box 5309
                Berkeley, CA  94705
                Phone: 707-540-5776
                Web page:

Allen Stansbury provides training and technical assistance in management and organizational development. He has authored Financial Policies and Procedures for Head Start Programs and Accountability, Cost Allocation and Indirect Costs Workbook for Nonprofits. 

Project Assistant:
                Matt Klapperich, Accounting Consultant
                Center for Community Futures
                P.O. Box 5309
                Berkeley, CA 94705
                Phone: 510-339-3801
                Web page:

Matt Klapperich is the Center’s indispensable Accountant and Office Manager.


Part 3. Samples of our Work

You can expect your final Report to show data for each surveyed position like this, with comparable data for your area:

You can expect your final Report to show data for each surveyed fringe benefit like this, with comparable data for your area:


Part 4. Project Costs

                Our costs are based on the number of positions to be studied, as follows:


One to 10 positions


11 to 25 positions


26 to 49 positions


50 to 74 positions


75 to 99 positions


100 to 124 positions


125 to 149 positions


150 to 174 positions


175 to 199 positions


200 positions or more


To get started, send an e-mail to Teresa Wickstrom at or call her at 909-790-0670.


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