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Workshops by Jim Masters et. al.


Handouts from the workshop at the Community Action Partnership Convention, August 2017, by Jim Masters and Allen Stansbury:

Getting a job used to be an exit from poverty, but not anymore
Using this Economic Analysis Toolkit (EAT) You CAN figure out why jobs no longer get people out of poverty.

Economic Analysis Toolkit Table of Contents Final r-7-30-18

Economic Analysis Toolkit final edits 7-30-18


Why Millions of People Can No Longer Make a Living (PPTX) First half
By Jim Masters and Allen Stansbury, Florida Assoication for Community Action, May 2017

Why Millions of People Can No Longer Make a Living (PPTX) Second half
By Jim Masters and Allen Stansbury, Florida Assoication for Community Action, May 2017

Economic Report of the President (PDF) Together with the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers, January 2017

A Better Way-Poverty-Policy Paper (PDF)

Community Engagement Toolkit (PDF)

Comparison of 501c3 and 50c4 Permissible Activities (PDF)

DRAFT Community Engagement and Advocacy-July 10, 2012 (.docx)

Indivisible Guide December 31, 2016 v.1 (PDF)

Opportunities for CAAs for FACA (Florida Association for Community Action) (.PPTX)

Trump Budget Webinar March 21, 2017 (PDF)

Trump Plan for First 100 Days (.docx)

What Community Activists Should Do Now-January 2017 (.docx)

What Do We Do Now-Opinions (.docx)

2018 Trump Budget Blueprint (PDF)

John Buckstead on Politics (.docx)


Most of the Historic Strategies for Helping People Make a Living No Longer Work.pptx
CAP Annual Convention, Austin, TX, September 1, 2016

What Should Your CAA Do Next? White Paper Recommendations.pptx
CAP Annual Convention, Austin, TX, September 1, 2016

White Paper on Strategies Recommended to Reduce Poverty and Enhance Economic Security.pdf
CAP Learning Community Resource Center, August 2016

2016 Agenda 13 accomplishments and 19 failures and 11 threats and 12 opportunities

2016 Agenda 20 challenges for CAA's and how to overcome them

2016 Agenda 41 Theories of Poverty Comparing Approaches

2016 Agenda CAA's Use Nonservice Approaches to Benefit People with Low Incomes

2016 Agenda Defining and Measuring Poverty

2016 Agenda Evolution of Antipoverty Strategy in 28 Transitions

2016 Agenda Head Start then and now

2016 Agenda History of Social Policy and a Look into the Future

2016 Agenda History Outline 5 eras and 8 stages

2016 Agenda Profit Making for Nonprofits

2016 Agenda Public Policy

2016 Agenda Social Values and Public Policy

2016 Agenda Succession Planning

2016 Agenda Ten Theories of Change

2016 Agenda The Best Things We Did and a Few Bloopers

2016 Agenda Trends and Issues for CAA Board Members

2016 Smorgasbord of Strategic Planning topics

2016 Workshiop Description Why Millions of People Can No Longer make a Living -- the learning community on national trends

2016 Workshop Description STRATEGIES for Helping People Make a Living

Strategic Planning Agenda for Community Action Agencies, January 2002, Washington, DC
Strategic Planning Training Flyer April 2002 (.pdf)

Jim Masters COST and bio

Jim Masters Customers

Jim Masters List of Previous Workshops

Jim Masters Strategic planning services sales letter for 2016

Jim Masters Testimonials for CAA Board Training


National Community Action Partnership 50th Anniversary Convention:

Workshop Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.: History of Community Action by Jim Masters, CCAP and John Buckstead

PRESENTATION Past Present and Future Partnership Convention 2014 (.ppt)

History Outline 5 eras and 8 stages  (.doc)

HISTORY for annual conference program 50th anniversary of EOA (.doc)

Workshop Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.: Learning Community on Poverty Trends: A Report of the Findings by Jim Masters, CCAP and Allen Stansbury

Summary of the Learning Cluster on National Trends  (.ppt)


Summary of the White paper:

Center for Community Futures presentations from the National CAP Conference 2015:

NCAP-CCF Strategies for Helping People Make a Living NCAP SF 8-26-15.pptx

National Trends in Poverty Results 8-26-15.pptx

NCAP survey analysis May-June 2015.docx

January 2015 Partnership Management and Leadership Training Conference, Dana Point, CA

Workshop 1.  Why Millions of People Can No Longer Make a Living (.ppt)

* Bibliography - NCAP New Year for Action Strategy (.docx)

Workshop 2.  Strategies for Helping People Make a Living: A Review of the Second Draft of the White Paper

* Overview of The Learning Community on National Trends (.docx)

* Economy (.docx)

* Human Development (.docx)

* Alternative Approaches to Making a Living (.docx)

Community Action Partnership 2011 Conference Workshops by Jim Masters

bulletSuccession Planning

bulletComparing Theories of Poverty

bulletDefinitions and Measures of Poverty


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