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CAPERS -- the complete Conference/Meeting Planning and Registration System

CAPERS is a Windows software program that helps you manage the activities, transactions, and registrants of your conference or other large meeting.   It is available in both single user and Network/Multi-User versions.

bulletUsing CAPERS, you will be able to:
bulletKeep track of registrations -- including charges and payments for multiple individuals from the same agency or company.
bullet Schedule and describe all of your Events (Workshops, Seminars, Lunches, Receptions, Plenary Sessions, etc.;) -- as well as keep track of Speakers, meeting location, audio/visual needs, date and time of events, etc.  Each Event can have a list of participants so you will know who is doing what, and when, and where.
bullet Manage multiple meetings/conferences -- with no limit to the number of participants.  And the data can be transferred from one meeting or conference to the next.
bullet Print reports -- registrant lists, transaction reports, nametags/badges, invoices, speaker invitation letters, thank-you letters, door signs, etc.


bulletCAPERS has the reports you will need. Just a few examples of what you can print:
bulletBadges (nametags). With flexible formatting options and with or without your logo.
bullet Registration lists (Participant lists suitable for inclusion in your program packet; lists of paid and unpaid registrants; lists of who has signed up for what activities, etc.).
bulletConfirmation letters and address labels.
bullet Invoices.
bullet Speaker letters.
bullet Audio/Visual equipment needs.
bulletDoor signs.
bulletAnd so much more!

If you'd like to see how CAPERS works, you can download free demo now or preview the sample screens (allow enough time for this graphics-intense page to load, please).

If you would to see what some of the Reports look like, go to the Reports Preview and please allow enough time for the graphics to load.


bulletCAPERS 1.6a trial version (this is the CAPERS demonstration program, which is the same as the CAPERS software but it limits the number of registrants you can enter to ten.)
bulletCAPERS 1.6b download for registered users (you must have the password to download CAPERS for registered users.  To receive the password, e-mail Jim Masters or call Jim Masters at (510) 339-3801.)
bulletCAPERS 1.6a Patch (to upgrade from previous versions of CAPERS).

The price is $395 for Single User, or $895.00 for Network version/Multi-User site license.  

Click here to order using our online form, or

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