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The Center for Community Futures offers Head Start programs invaluable resources for Community Assessments:

Community Assessment: A How-To Guide for Local Head Start Programs

Community Assessment (CA) Data Framework and Methods.

A real-life example of a Community Assessment and a workbook describing methods for you to use to produce the exact data you need for your Community Assessment to meet Head Start standards. Printed Manual, and a CD-Rom that has the manual and the real-life example (a real community assessment we did for a Head Start sponsor) which is the case study. By Dr. Betsy Morris and Jim Masters. Currently being updated; it won't be available until July, 2018 but you can pre-order. $195. 

Table of Contents (click on image for larger view):

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For details on the Santa Clara County community assessment we worked on, please click here.

For the Word file of the Berkeley-Albany YMCA Head Start Community Assessment 2006-2007 we worked on, please click here.

Community Assessment Services by the Center for Community Futures


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Working with Head Start Programs Since 1966


We Can Help.
New draft regulations for renewal of Head Start and Early Head Start Grantees have been published and are in effect. Are you having problems achieving your enrollment goals?
The Center for Community Futures can help your Head Start Program develop a comprehensive and detailed community assessment that will help you maintain full enrollment.

We have worked with local Head Start programs for more than 40 years and can offer a complete package of community assessment services meeting six Head Start performance standards:

  1. Description and demographics of the service area and numbers of eligible children and their families.
  2. Description of other child development and child care programs that are serving Head Start eligible children, including publicly funded State and local preschool programs, and the approximate number of Head Start eligible children served by each.
  3. An estimate of the number of children with disabilities four-years old or younger, including types of disabilities and services and resources provided to these children.
  4. Description of the education, health, nutrition and social service needs of Head Start eligible children and their families as described by their families.
  5. Description of education, health, nutrition and social service needs of Head Start eligible children and their families as described by other institutions in the community that serve young children.
  6. Description of other resources that could be used to address the needs of Head Start eligible children and their families, including assessments of their availability and accessibility.

Our Satisfied Customers

  1. Community Information Profile and Needs Assessment for Santa Clara County, CA. See
  2. Berkeley-Albany YMCA Head Start program (BAYMCA), 2006-2007. For more information, see
  3. Kern County Head Start (2010)
  4. Our successful approach is outlined in Community Assessment: A How-To Guide for Local Head Start Programs, by Betsy Morris, Ph.D.  This publication is available online at
  5. Annual Summer Institutes for local Head Start programs include classes on Community Assessment.  Information is available online at

Sample page from a C.A. Report we did:        

Use Our Expertise
The 2010 Census data is now available.  It contains detailed data about families, housing and economic conditions of the people in your service area.   A comprehensive community assessment involves gathering, analyzing, and describing conditions and trends in:

  1. Map of Service Area
  2. Population of Service Area; trends and components of change since last census
  3. Number and percent of population by race and ethnicity
  4. Linguistic Isolation
  5. Number of families with children by family status (single parent; grandparent head of household) and by ethnicity/race.
  6. Number of eligible children – number and percent of children under 5 in poverty for Service Area and geographic subareas
  7. Number of births and/or birth rate for the previous 5 years (as available); by status of mother (e.g., ethnicity, Medicaid status, age of mother, or other available indicators)
  8. Number of eligible children - calculated from enrollment in public assistance programs (income, ranges from poverty level to 180% of poverty)
  9. Number of eligible children - estimated from enrollments in federal free/reduced lunch in the Service Area (up to 130% of poverty)
  10. Transportation, i.e. the access low-income families has to jobs and child care, given their location in the county

For a complete list of the tables we can prepare on your area, e-mail

Let The Center help you conduct your community assessment.

Jim Masters
Center for Community Futures
P.O. Box 5309
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Phone: 510-459-7570

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