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January 2017

We are currently working on:

bullet Summer Institute for Head Start Management  This is based on the STILL NEW Parent, Family, Community Engagement Framework.  The PFCE Framework incorporates the latest in theory and research about child development.  This framework will last for many years.  We say it is “still new” because many local programs have work to do to build their capacity to implement it.  The Summer Institutes give Head Start family workers the latest in social work theory and practice to help them implement the framework.

bullet Parent Surveys for local Head Start programs. The House Reauthorization report language requires EVERY local program to do surveys of the community! 

Participant surveys for CAA’s. The new performance standards in IM 138 REQUIRE that you do participant perception and satisfaction surveys.

bullet We help Head Start programs do community assessments that meet the Head Start Performance Standards.


Teresa has updated the Head Start Review Ready! E-File, and Policies On Your Drive based on the changes or additions to performance standards, Federal regulations, and Federal review tools. 

bullet Teresa has been working on Wage and Benefits Comparability Studies for State Associations of Head Start sponsors, and for local Head Start programs/individual agencies.

Teresa continues doing web site development and maintenance for the Center for Community Futures (this web site),

Jim is moving into semi-retirement. Teresa Wickstrom will become the Executive Director and owner of most of the Center for Community Futures.  Jim will continue working on the Summer Institutes and the projects below as a Consultant.  We are working on the mechanics of this transition. Jim says, "I am still thinking through which topics I really want to continue working on, and am ambivalent about letting go – but this is going to happen." 

Other Projects:



Jim Masters is a member of the CSBG ROMA Next Generation Workgroup. This workgroup is developing a national Theory of Change for use in community action, and refining the list of National Performance Indicators. There is much room for improvement in terms of how we should measure our work at the community level.  We are also discussing how to get the new organizational standards from IM-138 implemented nationwide. 

Jim is promoting discussion of nonservice strategies, such as changes in laws or administrative procedures to create community level change. A series of reports produced by SRI (Stanford Research Institute) including one funded by CSA based on interviews with 150 CAAs is on our website at    

Jim finally got agendas of the workshops he wants to keep doing up on the website at:



Allen has an outstanding blog with over 100 entries on topics related to poverty and the shrinking middle class.  See



We continue to seek alternatives to the old Poverty Index, and to reframe how we talk about poverty. A working group has drafted a new continuum of Economic Security.  Jim has been doing workshops on this at the Partnership Annual Conferences. See the handouts from the last workshop.There is more to come on this topic from the LCG below.

Jim Masters and Allen Stansbury are facilitating the Learning Community on National Trends for the Partnership. Tens of millions of people in America can no longer make a living. The middle class has been shrinking for 30 years. The American Dream is in trouble. Jim and Allen have drafted a White Paper that describes how to bring about changes in the rules under which the economy operates, how to help people find other ways of making living, and other topics.  See the handouts from the webinars they have done and listen to the webinars at:

See the 2nd draft of the White Paper at the bottom of that page under:  Additional Materials.


*   Jim is assisting Father John Wandless, Larry Lillis, John Johnston and some of the other “original” anti-poverty warriors from the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity to create a new action-oriented organization in Missouri named “What U Can Do.” We worked together at the Kansas City Missouri Regional Office of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity in the 1960s and 1970s. Jim will be blogging on guns and other hot topics. This should happen within the next 3 or 4 months.

Jim has been selected as a fiscal consultant to help the agencies that received the new EHS/Child Care Partnership Awards. This “surprise” $500 million was tagged onto the Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization and Appropriation by Congress last December. This is another step in the expansion predicated by Jim that there will be a huge expansion of resources in prenatal to age 5.


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