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Parent Survey System for Head Start Programs

We can help you design and implement systems to measure how customers rate the quality of services you provide.











Sample survey card - the questions can be changed to suit your program's needs.

See a Sample Parent Survey Report (in PDF format) by clicking here.

You can use a survey card similar to this one to find out how your customers perceive the quality of your Head Start program's services. Select from pre-designed questions to measure service quality and/or add questions of your own. We draft the cards for your approval, ship them to you for distribution, your customers simply return the postage-paid card to us, and we tally the results in a concise and easy-to-understand report. The results are invaluable!

Price:  $1.97 per survey received, plus a one-time only setup fee of $295.  That includes everything involved in the process:  printing the surveys on cardstock, shipping them to the program, business reply mail permit fees, data-entry, and the Report that tells you exactly how parents perceive the quality of your program, for each location and overall.

Get the Parent Survey implementation information now!  Click here to view and print.  (You must have Adobe Acrobat to view).

For more information, please call Teresa at 909-790-0670, or e-mail her.

     "We have used the Parent Survey services through Center for Community Futures. They can prepare a survey, tally results, and provide a summary report. This is useful and cost-effective, especially if you have a large program." – Charlotte Hendricks, President,

Overview of the Parent Survey System

The Center for Community Futures offers you a simple and effective system for surveying the parents of your Head Start program to measure perceptions of program quality. The Parent Survey System is a concise survey system to measure Head Start parent perceptions of the quality of your program’s services.


You can choose survey questions from our prepared list, or you can write your own questions.


Parents do not have to pay postage to reply; they use our business reply mail permit.


All survey respondents are kept strictly confidential.


Spanish translation is available upon request.


Using an independent survey service encourages honest responses.


You get a detailed report of the results, showing responses for each site you select and overall program findings.


This is the most affordable system available to Head Start programs to accurately measure parent satisfaction.


   We have performed this survey service since 1996. Since then, I have personally processed 34,391 surveys from Head Start parents in 17 different Head Start programs across the country. I look forward to working with your program, too!" -- Teresa Wickstrom, Consultant, Center for Community Futures 


For each location you have surveyed, and for the overall program, you will get results that look like this:


Subscription Costs

The cost of the Parent Survey System is a one-time only setup fee of $295 (with no limit on the number of future surveys) plus a cost of $1.97 per response card received. There is no charge for surveys not returned. There is no additional charge for the printed Report.

Typically, somewhere between 5% and 30% of the surveys you distribute will be returned. If you leave a pile on the counter, about 5% will be returned. If staff and volunteers distribute the surveys and explain the purpose and value of the survey, then the response rate will go up.

NOTE: Typically, at least one-third (33%) of the total number possible need to reply to have enough data for statistically valid results. We will work with you to identify the numbers needed from each location you select.

Get the Parent Survey implementation information now!  Click here to view and print.  (You must have Adobe Acrobat to view).

For more information, please call Teresa at 909-790-0670, or e-mail her.

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