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Note: We are currently updating POD for 2016.

Policies On Your Drive 2014 for Head Start Programs
Based on the September 27, 2013 Monitoring Protocol (for FY2014)


How many requirements are there for Head Start programs?

There are 3,542 performance standards for Head Start programs. 

Of those, 2,297 are Cost Principles (like the Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations)

Additionally there are 5,713 Federal regulations that apply to Head Start and others.  Of those,
2,334+ are Head Start-specific
3,467+ are not.


Policies On Your Drive 2014 for Local Head Start Programs is a handy, comprehensive and thoroughly referenced printed policy manual and CD-Rom, based on the September 27, 2013 Monitoring Protocolís questions and referenced regulations, plus all of the performance standards, to bring your programís policies and procedures up-to-date and in compliance with the current review tool.

It includes hundreds of draft policies and procedures ready for your programís editing, review, and approval process.

When you order POD2014, you will get:


A three-ring binder chock-full of draft policies and procedures, with hyperlinks and bookmarks to their applicable regulations and monitoring protocol Review questions;


A Microsoft Word file of the Federal regulations applicable to Head Start programs Ė including the reauthorized Head Start Act Ė fully hyperlinked, cross-referenced to related policies, and bookmarked;


A Microsoft Word file of the Performance Standards and their relationships to the FY 2014 Monitoring Review Protocol review questions, thoroughly cross-referenced, hyperlinked, and bookmarked;


Instructions for installation and for using POD; and


Policies and procedures that meet/exceed the performance standards.

Here is further reasoning behind the need to update your programís written policies and procedures. Teresa Wickstrom has developed this formula to clarify:

  • Every policy directly related to a performance standard or Federal regulation is hyperlinked to it.
  • The CD-Rom contains files for you to work with
bulletThe draft policies and procedures, with reference tables
bulletAll of the performance standards in one file
bulletAll of the Federal regulations in one file
bulletAnd they are linked to each other as applicable.

Whatís included in POD 2014?

Performance Standards, Federal Regulations, Monitoring Protocol review questions, and draft Policies and Procedures. Fully cross-referenced. Plus extras.

When you order Policies On Diskette 2014, you will receive:


The comprehensive printed Manual;


The contents of the Manual on CD-Rom;


The CD-Rom includes these files:

This file includes the text of the Federal Regulations that apply to Head Start, with references to the FY 2014 Monitoring Protocol Review questions as applicable.  It includes the regulations from 45 CFR Parts 74, 80, 84, 92, 1302, 1303, 1309, the Head Start Act (reauthorized December 2007), McKinney Vento Act, Davis Bacon Act, and the OMB Circulars (four of which have moved to Title 2 CFR). Here is the FedRegs.doc Table of Contents:



Installing and Using POD2014.doc
These are the instructions for installing and using POD2014, with important notes.


This file includes the text of the performance standards for Head Start (45 CFR Parts 1301-1311, plus cost principles from Title 2 CFR Parts 215, 220, 225, and 230) with hyperlinked references to the monitoring questions from the September 27, 2013 Monitoring Protocol. 


This i
ncludes the draft polices and procedures, with hyperlinks and bookmarks to their applicable Performance Standards, Federal Regulations, and Monitoring Protocol questions.


The printed Manual is an exact copy of this Word file.  See below for a sample policy.

All of the draft policies in POD2014 follow the structure shown below:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is Policies On Your Drive?

A1.  Formerly known as Policies On Diskette, Policies On Your Drive is a complete set of draft policies and procedures in a printed manual and on CD-Rom for use by Head Start programs. 
    We have worked diligently to put together a comprehensive set of draft policies and procedures that cover all of the Federal regulations and performance standards that apply to Head Start programs, complete with cross-references, and referenced to the FY 2014 Monitoring Protocol questions. 
    This is the best structure to use for your policies and procedures.
    Since 1998, the Center for Community Futures has taken the lead in providing excellent draft policies and procedures to Head Start programs.  The effort began with an onsite assessment, review, and development of a Policy Manual for a local California Head Start program. Since then, we have kept POD as up-to-date as possible.  We update and publish Policies On Diskette (and now Policies On Your Drive) whenever there are changes in Federal regulations, performance standards, or the Federal Review instrument. (Which is why we have migrated from POD to POD3 to POD4 to POD4a to POD4b to POD2007 to POD2008 to POD2009 to POD2010 to POD2011 to POD2012 to POD2013 and now to POD2014.)

Q2.  We already ordered a previous version of POD.  Do we need to purchase Policies On Your Drive 2014 also?

A2.  We recommend that you keep the work you have already done on your policies and procedures, but adapt them into the structure of the current Federal Review tool. Use POD2014 to do so. It shows you the changes from the previous version. The CD includes files that will help you migrate from previous versions. 

Q3.  How does the Policy Manager software relate to POD?

A3.  Policy Manager Two contains the draft policies from POD. It includes all of the POD policies and regulations, and it can be used either way--by Federal review tool compliance question or by Regulations sequence. 

Q4.  What do you recommend for programs that have not purchased POD?

A4.  Purchase Policies On Your Drive 2014 and get going on bringing your policies and procedures up-to-date with the current Federal review instrument.

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